The ultimate in clean energy.

While coffee can be dehydrating and acidic, MeTea offers a healthier option with a host of potential benefits.

  • More Caffeine Than Coffee.
  • Healthy & Organic
  • Delicious
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Get the energy you need without the nasty side effects from coffee or energy drinks.

We pride ourselves in making delicious, premium tea that gives you the energy your active lifestyle demands - but without nasty caffeine jitters, dairy, or unnerving chemicals. Say goodbye to headaches, feeling bloated, anxiety and unhealthy drinks. MeTea is the ultimate drink for active lifestyles.

No compromises

  • Organic, premium ingredients.
  • Exclusive proprietary blends
  • Sugar and dairy free.
  • Individually hand packaged.
  • Formulated to be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • Natural L-Theanine to help relax.
  • Non GMO.

How it works

MeTea is perfect if...

  • You want a clean energy source.
  • You want to improve your focus.
  • You don't want jitters from coffee.
  • You want a premium quality tea.
  • You want to increase performance.
  • You want to cut out dairy or energy drinks.

Key Benefits

100% Organic

Worldwide Delivery

30 Day Guarantee

No jitters energy

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Highlighting some of our amazing customers

Former International Footballer

Matthew Peterson

“I’ve always been a tea drinker as I don’t like the taste of coffee.

I used to have a cup of black tea with one sugar every morning after training. Since I discovered MeTea, I have a cup of the Tropical black tea instead. The slightly fruity flavour means I can drink it straight and no longer need the sugar.

I also used to have a can of Red Bull after training but I’ve cut that out too. One cup of MeTea gives me enough energy after an early start to feel great through work and then onto activities with the kids in the afternoon.

I recommend MeTea 100%.”

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Flight Attendant

Narelle Oโ€™Brien

“When I’m on the Brisbane to Darwin route we fly all night and arrive at 3am. That’s when I reach for my MeTea!

The smell is amazing and the light, fruity flavour is just what I need to feel revived after hours on my feet in the cabin.

The caffeine boost you get from MeTea really helps me to stay focused and alert during my shift and on the drive home.

If I have an early start, I love to make MeTea in a travel cup and enjoy it on the drive to work. 

It’s just a lovely, refreshing way to start my day.”

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Freelance Journalist

Janelle Estreich

“For a long time I was looking out for something to replace coffee in the mornings. I like the taste, but after the initial high wore off it left me feeling flat. 

As a freelance journalist, I need to keep my head in the game for hours at a stretch — I can’t just clock off when the caffeine does!

MeTea delivers a decent dose of caffeine, but the slow release factor leaves me feeling energised and focused for longer. 

I enjoy the ritual of brewing MeTea. The smell as the hot water hits the bag is amazing. I love taking that moment to savour the taste and clear my head for the next round.”

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MeTea helps you get the energy you need to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're just starting to create healthy habits or you're an athlete looking for the best healthy pre-workout, our premium tea gives you the boost you need without the headaches, anxiety or shakes.

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