Bringing the MeTea vision to life; the method behind the magic!

When the creative boffins behind MeTea first hatched their vision, they knew they were setting themselves a major challenge. They wanted to create a tea that delivered a significant increase in energy — more than coffee — and they also wanted it to taste amazing.

They wanted a tea that would help people to stay focused and alert for longer, but without feeling jittery or ending in a crash.

They wanted each tea blend to impart flavours which invoke places and experiences where we feel energised or relaxed. And they wanted all of that in a cute, convenient little tea bag, thank you very much.

Not much to ask, right?

Well, not for tea specialist Lucas Ruzika, who worked closely with the MeTea team during the research and development phase.

Lucas offers some insight into the journey MeTea went through to bring their unique blends to life.

How did MeTea go from a concept to being ‘the world’s most caffeinated tea’?

“The brief for MeTea was to create a tea with increased levels of caffeine and a fantastic flavour. We researched the market and the best way to naturally increase the caffeine levels in the tea. 

From there we created a benchmark for what we wanted to achieve.

We’ve tested both the dry leaves and the wet liquid several times. The final formula is bang on where we want it to be — it’s stronger than a cup of coffee and the effects are longer lasting.

Based on several rounds of laboratory test results, MeTea is certainly the highest caffeinated tea in Australia. When compared with other teas on the market — which claim to contain the highest levels of caffeine in the world — our results showed caffeine levels in MeTea to be stronger.

Our team of tea experts went through many rounds to get the flavouring infused properly without compromising the caffeine.

In my opinion, we’ve set out what we wanted to achieve by creating a high energy tea that’s nice to drink.”

Where are the leaves for MeTea sourced?

“For theApple Anhui Green flavour, the tea leaf is sourced from Anhui in China, where it’s been grown for 3000 years.

The tea is generally harvested in spring or summer when the content of polyphenols (micronutrients found in tea) is highest. During those months the leaf also naturally contains the highest levels of caffeine, because the plant creates more caffeine to defend itself from pests.

I would describe the green tea as having a sweet / savoury balance. Because it’s been partially roasted or fired, it has a gentle flavour which is sweeter and lighter in terms of green teas. It still packs a punch.

TheTropical Assam Black tea is sourced from the biggest tea producing area in the world — Assam in India. For this one we’ve blended a combination of the spring and autumn flush. The autumn leaf adds a richer, more complex flavour. It gives the tea a rich base of deep malt, wood, and wild honey. From there, the tea will show the other flavours that we’ve infused.”

How should you prepare MeTea to get the best flavour?

“My advice is to bring the water close to boiling or, if you have to boil it, wait for 5 minutes or add some cold water. No tea — if you want to get technical — should be brewed at 100 degrees so as to avoid extracting tannin out of the leaf, which makes it bitter.

In terms of seeping the tea, leave the bag in for 1-2 minutes until desired strength is reached. Most of the caffeine is extracted in the first 30 seconds, so you’re only gaining a few percent in terms of strength by brewing it for longer.

It’s a herbal brew so it’s designed to be drunk without milk.

MeTea can be enjoyed hot or cold — you could make a really nice iced tea during summer and spring. If you’re doing sports or headed to the gym, brew it the night before and chill it in the fridge overnight. Enjoy a cup before exercising.”

What health benefits are associated with drinking MeTea?

“Tea naturally high in polyphenols, and it’s those antioxidants which are associated with the health benefits of tea. MeTea also contains tea extract which has a more concentrated amount of polyphenols.

Caffeine on its own is a stimulant but because tea contains those polyphenols, it delivers a longer lasting natural source of energy without the jitters or crash you get from coffee.

While coffee can be quite dehydrating and acidic, MeTea is a healthier option while packing a stronger dose of caffeine for a sustained energy boost.

MeTea is made from ingredients that are all natural, herbal, organic, non-GMO, and sugar-free.”

You can read more about the health benefits of MeTea here.

MeTea comes in two distinctive blends —Apple Anhui Green andTropical Assam Black. Take your pick (or try them both) today.

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